Study Guide

City of Ashes Part 3, Chapter 14

By Cassandra Clare

Part 3, Chapter 14


  • Part 3 is called "Day of Wrath." Wow. None of these part titles is exactly optimistic.
  • Clary wakes up and takes a shower.
  • When she gets out, she makes coffee and talks to Luke about the Night of the Demons that happened last night.
  • Jace storms in, but he's carrying donuts, so we can deal with him for a bit.
  • Donut boy joins the demon chat, and they wonder how Clary, as weak as she is, was able to scare the demon away.
  • She shows them the brand-new Mark on her arm, and she wonders if she has the power to create new runes. After all, the Faerie Queen said she has "the gift of words that cannot be spoken." (3.14.77) We thought it had something to do with George Carlin…
  • Jace sends Clary to get her sketchbook to create a new rune.
  • He asks her to draw a new rune, and she does, in front of everyone, like she's taking an art test.
  • She says the rune she created is "Fearless" (3.14.127).
  • Alec agrees to let them draw it on his body to test it out.
  • After they draw the rune, Alec's parents show up, and he immediately starts to come out to them and tell them he's dating Magnus.
  • Before he can tell them, however, Magnus snaps his fingers and Alec passes out. Guess the rune works.
  • The Lightwoods have brought the Inquisitor with them, and she's furious that Jace isn't being kept under house arrest.
  • She's been spying on him with a tracking device she put in the Portal shard he keeps. She knows he was on Valentine's boat the night before.
  • Once again, she thinks Jace and Valentine are in cahoots.
  • Because of this transgression, she decides to take Jace back to the Institute and lock him up. Everyone argues with her, except Alec, who agrees the punishment is fitting. "Jace lied to us. There's no excuse for that" (3.14.228). What a traitor.
  • Off they all go, leaving Clary and Luke alone at home.