Study Guide

City of Ashes Part 3, Chapter 15

By Cassandra Clare

Part 3, Chapter 15

The Serpent's Tooth

  • While Clary and Luke drink coffee, Maia, who recovered from demon poison faster than most people recover from too much Taco Bell, sneaks out.
  • In a nearby alley, she bumps into her brother, Daniel. Clarification: her dead brother, Daniel.
  • Of course, it's not Daniel, it's Agramon, the fear demon, and Valentine is right behind it.
  • Valentine captures Maia.
  • Back at the Institute, the Inquisitor puts Jace inside a Malachi Configuration, which is basically a magic cage.
  • She plans to contact Valentine and offer him a trade: his son for the Mortal Instruments.
  • Jace knows that Valentine would choose the Mortal Instruments over him, but the Inquisitor doesn't believe him.
  • It seems that she holds Valentine responsible for the death of her own son and she's so mad about it, she wouldn't mind killing Jace just to get Valentine back.
  • At Luke's house, Luke discovers Maia left. She left a note, "Gone to make amends" (3.15.124).
  • Clary assumes Maia went to Simon's, so she calls Simon.
  • While on the phone with Simon, he hears someone try to break into his house.
  • We switch POV back to the Institute, where Alec visits Jace inside his cage.
  • Alec says he only pretended to be on the Inquisitor's side. That way she wouldn't be watching him all the time.
  • Jace asks Alec to get Isabelle's phone to text Clary to ask Luke (did you follow all that?) about the Inquisitor's son. Maybe Luke has information Jace could use.
  • Luke and Clary rush to Simon's house.
  • Clary calls Simon on the way, but Simon doesn't answer. Valentine does!
  • He says he has Simon, but hasn't done anything him… "Yet" (3.15.234).
  • Alec returns to Jace's cage with an apple for him to eat.
  • He also slides him an unlocking rune, which doesn't dispel the cage, but unlocks Jace's wrist shackles.
  • Unfortunately, Alec wasn't able to text Clary. Isabelle won't let him in her room.
  • However, Alec suggests that maybe Jace has powers he never knew he had. Maybe he can just jump right out of the cage, like a hunky kangaroo.
  • So Jace jumps.