Study Guide

City of Ashes Part 3, Chapter 16

By Cassandra Clare

Part 3, Chapter 16

A Stone of the Heart

  • Clary and Luke arrive at Simon's house too late. He's gone.
  • His cellphone is left behind, "the antenna snapped off" (3.16.15). We're left with two big questions: where did Valentine take Simon and why is Simon using a cellphone from 2002?
  • Back at the Institute, Alec and Jace go to Isabelle's room, and she lets them in.
  • Jace explains the Inquisitor's plan while Isabelle heals him.
  • Clary calls and tells them that Valentine has Maia and Simon, and that he'll use their blood to complete the Ritual.
  • He instructs her to come to the Institute, and he tells Alec to get Magnus.
  • Isabelle wonders how Jace will get out of the Institute without the Inquisitor noticing, and he just jumps right out the window.
  • Simon wakes up in a hold of Valentine's hip. It's dark, and Maia is there. They're both shackled.
  • Maia tells Simon that she's sorry for being a vampire-hating racist. Heartwarming.
  • Clary arrives at the Institute just as Jace jumps off the building and lands nearby. They jump in the truck, which Luke is driving, and speed away before any Shadowhunters can catch them.
  • Back on the boat, Valentine pays Simon and Maia a visit.
  • He attacks Maia by blowing silver powder on her. Werewolves are very very allergic to silver.
  • Then he pulls the Sword from its sheath and slices Simon's throat. Dang. Simon cannot catch a break.