Study Guide

City of Ashes Part 3, Chapter 17

By Cassandra Clare

Part 3, Chapter 17

East of Eden

  • No, this isn't an excerpt from Steinbeck.
  • As Luke speeds toward the river, Jace fills Clary in on everything that's happened.
  • Then Luke tells them the Inquisitor's backstory, which you can get the scoop on from her Character page.
  • He asks Clary to Mark him with the Fearless Rune, because that will protect him from Agramon, the fear demon.
  • Luke thinks that's a terrible idea, but when he gets out of the truck to talk to Magnus, Clary Marks Jace anyway.
  • Luke and Magnus return to the truck, and Magnus makes the truck all magical and it's able to drive on water.
  • Back at the Institute, Isabelle and Alec watch as the Inquisitor talks to Valentine.
  • Of course, Valentine says that she can keep Jace, he'll keep the Mortal Cup and the Sword, kthx.
  • She screams "Valentine!" (3.17.168) all italicized and melodramatic like Darth Vader screaming nooooooooooooooo.Ā 
  • On the way to the boat, Jace gives Clary his jacket so she won't be cold when fighting demons for her life. Wouldn't want to catch a chill during the apocalypse!
  • Flying demons swoop down on the truck, and Jace and Clary have to battle them.
  • One immediately grabs Clary and tears the jacket, and then another one comes and carries Clary away.
  • At the Institute, now that the Inquisitor has been publically shamed, the Lightwoods decide to rally the Clave against Valentine.
  • Alec and Isabelle choose this moment to tell them that Jace has already escaped and has a head start on them.