Study Guide

City of Ashes Part 3, Chapter 18

By Cassandra Clare

Part 3, Chapter 18

Darkness Visible

  • The flying demon drops Clary onto Valentine's boat.
  • Conveniently, she's been dropped into the room with Maia. Inconveniently, Maia tells Clary that Simon is dead.
  • Up above, Jace and Luke fight off more demons and board the ship.
  • Below decks, Clary, who has just been snatched by a demon, dropped from a great height into the main villain's stronghold, and been told that her best friend is dead is distraught…
  • Distraught because Jace's jacket is "ruined!" (3.18.37) "Jace will be upset that I wrecked his jacket," (3.18.37) she thinks. Priorities!
  • Maia reminds Clary that Simon is dead. Not just dead until dark as a vampire, but dead to the world. Dead as a doornail, even.
  • Clary says, "We have to get out of here" (3.18.39).
  • Maia, the only person who seems to still have a brain, says, "That's pretty obvious" (3.18.40).
  • Clary uses her super-duper Open Rune on the boat to literally open the boat, tearing a hole right through the steel, like she bought a portable hole from Acme Industries.
  • They scooch through the hole in the wall… right into Valentine's clutches!
  • Up on the deck, Luke and Jace fight demons for about six pages until reinforcements arrive: the Shadowhunters! Including the Lightwoods and even the Inquisitor.
  • Down below, Valentine and Clary bicker a bit while all the Shadowhunters continue fighting demons.
  • The Inquisitor ends up sacrificing herself to save Jace—le gasp!—and whispers something to him in her last breath… but we don't get to hear what it is.
  • More and more fighting occurs, until Jace takes a wrong step and falls through a hole in the ship.