Study Guide

City of Ashes Part 3, Chapter 19

By Cassandra Clare

Part 3, Chapter 19

Dies Irae

  • Valentine and Clary argue almost as long as the Shadowhunters spent fighting demons, until Clary grabs the Sword and turns it on Valentine.
  • Up above, Alec falls overboard, but Magnus, his three-hundred-year-old boyfriend, drives the truck over and saves him.
  • Alec offers his strength to Magnus so that he can keep casting the spell necessary to remove the barriers around the ship, or everyone on it will be trapped.
  • After falling through the ship, Jace goes through a few tunnels until he reaches Valentine.
  • They argue for a bit, because Valentine is incapable of having a civil conversation with any of his children, and Jace stabs his father with a jagged piece of metal.
  • It turns out not to be Valentine at all, but Agramon, the fear demon, who dissolves to ash.
  • Jace continues following the tunnels, until he reaches a bloody body. It's Simon!
  • He isn't quite dead. Yay!
  • Jace knows that he can revive Simon with some blood, so he cuts his wrist and presses it to Simon's mouth.
  • A few glug-glugs later, Simon wakes up!
  • And he's still hungry! He latches onto Jace's neck (Clary's going to be jealous) and sucks away.
  • Simon regains his senses before draining Jace completely, and they rush off to find Clary.
  • Last we left Clary, she had grabbed Maellartach, the sacred sword.
  • It zaps her because she doesn't have the power to use it, and she drops it. Well, she tried.
  • Valentine turns the sword on her, but Simon and Jace show up just in the nick of time.
  • Valentine is aghast that Jace let Simon drink his blood.
  • Simon says he'll drink Valentine's blood next, and Valentine is like, yeah right, vamp boy, then he whacks Clary with the flat of the sword.
  • He knocks Simon down, too, and orders Jace to kill the vampire, but Jace refuses.
  • He has picked up Clary's stele, which he tosses to her.
  • She does the Open Rune again, opening up a giant hole in the boat… which starts to sink.
  • Clary goes underwater and loses consciousness.
  • She wakes up in the bed of Luke's magic floating truck.
  • Simon tells Clary that everyone is fine. Everyone lived, but they have no idea where Valentine went.
  • They start racing back to land, but they can't go faster than the sun, which is rising.
  • Simon, being a vampire, is a little allergic to the sun.
  • He knows he's going to die (for the third time in one book!) when the sun rises, and he says his goodbyes to Clary.
  • He tells her that he loves her, and the sun hits him…
  • …and nothing happens. It's a miracle!
  • Back at the Institute, Maryse tells Jace that she wants him to stay. He's part of the family after all.
  • She reminds him of the French ballad that he asked her about, the one she said she never sang to him because he wasn't afraid of the dark way back in Chapter 1.
  • Now she tells him that she did sing it to him, he just "never heard [her]" (3.19.291).
  • He believes this bit of revisionist history and decides to stay in his bedroom.