Study Guide

City of Ashes Lust

By Cassandra Clare


In the independent film The House of Yes, Parker Posey and Josh Hamilton play twin siblings lusting after one another. With that in mind, we'd propose an alternate title to City of Ashes: The House of Yes, Yes, Yes!

Clary and Jace found out they were brother and sister in the last book, but they still can't stop thinking about each other in that way. And after sharing a steamy kiss at the insistence of the Faerie Queen, all bets are off.

Questions About Lust

  1. We know Clary isn't interested in Simon, but does Simon truly have romantic feelings for Clary? Or is he interested in her only because she's available?
  2. Why is Clary so attracted to Jace? Why doesn't this attraction fade when she finds out they're related? Why is Jace attracted to Clary?
  3. Is it okay for Jace and Clary to have these feelings for each other as long as they don't act on them? What if they act on them: would that be weird or gross?
  4. Consider the other relationships in the book (Alec and Magnus, for example). How do you think they compare, romantically, to Jace and Clary?

Chew on This

Lust is a critical part of any romantic relationship. This is why Simon and Clary don't work out. She feels no lust for him.

Clary and Jace are like genies in a bottle, baby. Their bodies are saying yes, but their hearts are saying no.