Study Guide

Brother Jeremiah in City of Bones

By Cassandra Clare

Brother Jeremiah

Brother Jeremiah is one of the Silent Brothers of the Silent City. We're not sure how many of them there are total, but one seems to be enough to fulfill our creepiness quota for the day. Jace tells us, "They walk in darkness and do not speak, but they can crack open a man's mind the way you might crack open a walnut" (10.102). Okay, so we're totally picturing the Silent Brothers looking like an army of Goth nutcrackers. Excellent.

The Silent Brothers have no eyes and sewn-shut mouths, but they can read minds. If your imagination is really running, Brother Jeremiah and his ilk look a lot like the Bringers from the First from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, just stitch the mouth shut and you're set.

Jeremiah Wasn't a Bullfrog

He wouldn't be a good friend of ours either. We like our friends chatty. And to have mouths. While we'd love to catch a flick with them (we hate when people talk during a movie), we'd find it difficult to discuss the cinematography afterwards. Of course, they could just read our minds and figure out what we thought, but that's a little too creepy for our taste.

Clary feels the same way, calling their intrusive methods "a violation of her most intimate, personal self" (10.334). Another violation? Their fashion sense, or lack of one. They have robes "the color of parchment" (10.150) and skin "thin as parchment paper, inked all over with runes" (10.186). Parchment overload. That's like a leopard wearing leopard print. They should recruit Isabelle to give them all makeovers.