Study Guide

City of Bones Jealousy

By Cassandra Clare


Chapter 8

"Jealous, Graymark? Perhaps you no longer feel about her the way you used to." (8.164)

We're not sure if Luke grew out of the jealousy of his youth or not, and we never really find out because he kind of bottles that stuff up. What can we say? Luke's not a sharer.

Chapter 9

Clary, who a moment ago would have been meanly pleased, felt a rush of anger toward Jace. (9.82)

Clary is torn between being jealous of Simon and Isabelle and defending Simon from Jace's snide comments. It's kind of an awkward spot.

Chapter 11

Stifling a murderous rage, [Clary] refused on grounds of exhaustion. (11.91)

Clary's jealousy of Simon and Isabelle might just drive her... to murder! Okay, okay, so we're being a bit dramatic. But notice how Clary bottles up her jealousy and blames it on fatigue. She's afraid to share how she really feels—even with her best friend.

Chapter 12

If they dance any closer together, they won't have to go off in a corner to have sex. (12.64)

Here's our take: Clary probably wouldn't have cared if Simon were dancing with anyone else but Isabelle.

Chapter 13
Jace Wayland

"Let's not be hasty." Jace was actually grinning, the bastard. […] "[Simon's] cute like that. Look at his little pink nose." (13.115)

Even the third-person narrator thinks Jace is being a "bastard" for teasing Simon. And when the narrator thinks you're a jerk, well then you know you're on thin ice.

"[Simon] just looks dim-witted. Really his intelligence is quite average." (13.215)

Jace is so jealous of Simon, he can't resist making sarcastic digs at him even when Simon's no longer human. But seriously, what's Jace's beef with the guy, besides the fact that he's Clary's bestie? This makes it clear that, as awesome as he may seem, Jace is not the most mature of folks.

"You'd be happy to leave him if it weren't for her," Isabelle said, managing to inject the single syllable word with enough venom to poison an elephant. (13.119)

By italicizing the pronoun there, we know that Isabelle really doesn't like Clary. So it looks like jealousy is a two-way street.

Chapter 17

"I've never liked any of your girlfriends, but at least I've had the decency to keep it to myself." (17.122)

It looks like the time for decency has passed. Air that dirty laundry, Clary!

"I don't like flat soda. I don't like crappy boy band pop. I don't like being stuck in traffic. I don't like math homework. I hate Jace. See the difference?" (17.119)

Simon clearly never heard '90s boy band LFO sing "Summer Girls" or that might put his hatred for boy bands in the same, or higher, category than his hatred for Jace.


"I was trying to make you jealous!" Simon screamed. [...] "You're so stupid, Clary. You're so stupid, can't you see anything?" (17.127)

Finally someone speaks his mind. Holding in these feelings for so long causes some volatile explosions of hurtful words. But hey, at least it's all out in the open.