Study Guide

City of Bones Revenge

By Cassandra Clare


Chapter 10

Clary didn't see how killing one person could make right the death of another, but she sensed there was no point saying that. (10.254)

Maybe Clary can be an anti-death penalty advocate when she grows up, but for now, she sure doesn't seem willing to speak her mind.

"A Shadowhunter who kills another of his brothers is worse than a demon and should be put down like one." (10.264)

"Put down" like an unwanted animal. Look, we get that there's a lot of anger flying around in this book, but the moral code of the Shadowhunters seems a bit too old school. Where's the wiggle room? Are there no gray areas?

Chapter 14

"You go in there and do for your friend what I could not do for my brother." (14.109)

At this point, we don't know that Raphael is actually a vampire, but if he weren't, he would still be wishing Jace and Clary a successful mission to satisfy his own feelings of revenge.

Chapter 16

[Clary] could see how she was hurting [Alec], and it made her glad. Someone else ought to be in pain for a change. (16.46)

Um. Yikes. Someone needs to take a deep breath and count to 10. Or 10,000. This is a little moment of romantic revenge, which is the best kind of all.

"Don't you ever," [Alec] whispered, mouth a blanched line, "ever, say anything like that to [Jace] or I'll kill you. I swear on the Angel, I'll kill you." (16.47)

We'd love to get the Angel's opinion on this to know whether he or she would condone this violent pledge. We admire the loyalty, but not the threat.

Chapter 18

"Perhaps [Luke] saw an opportunity to turn the tables. To hurt [Jocelyn] as he'd been hurt." (18.138)

Even though he loves Jocelyn, he might still get mad enough to hurt her. At least, that seems to be the working theory here. And why shouldn't it be? Everyone else in this book seems motivated by revenge.

Chapter 21

I wanted only to die, and to take with me the creature who had ruined me. (21.18)

This is Luke talking about the werewolf that infected him. Who in this book doesn't have an axe to grind?

"Since the death of his father, Valentine had become an outspoken proponent of war against all Downworlders, not just ones who broke the Accords." (21.10)

Valentine takes his revenge a little far, extending it beyond just killing the werewolf who killed his father, but killing all Downworlders. Talk about guilty by association.

Chapter 22

"You think killing [Valentine] will what? Erase those things?" (22.63)

Luke presents a shrewd counterpoint to the whole revenge argument that's been dominating the book so far, even though he himself has had similar feeling in the past. So is he a hypocrite, or has he learned his lesson?

Clary Fray

"If we catch Valentine," [Clary] asked abruptly, "can we kill him?" (22.60)

Speaking of grinding axes, it seems that Clary has begun sharpening her own. Seriously, why are all these folks so hot-blooded? Or hotheaded?