Study Guide

City of Bones Chapter 3

By Cassandra Clare

Chapter 3


  • Cut to Java Jones coffee shop during a really awful poetry slam for Simon's friend Eric.
  • Drowning out the terribly poetry, Clary and Simon talk about girls and dating. Sure, Clary may be able to see demons, but she's totally blind to the fact that Simon is in love with her. Bummer, dude.
  • Her cute boy radar isn't on the fritz, though. She sees Jace, the Shadowhunter from the Pandemonium Club, and follows him out into the streets.
  • In the alley, Clary grills Jace about why he's following her. He gives her a magical little info dump:
  • Shadowhunter (noun) = someone who kills demons
  • Downworlders (noun) = magical folk, like warlocks, faeries, zombies, vampires, and werewolves.
  • Mark (noun) = a magical rune on the skin giving special powers
  • Hodge (proper name) = Jace's mentor
  • Just when Clary is finally starting to piece things together, Jace's exposition is cut off when Clary's phone rings.
  • It's her mom. She tells Clary to not come home, to go to Simon's house instead. Then there's a crash, and Jocelyn tells Clary she loves her right before the line goes dead. Yikes.
  • Panicked, Clary grabs for Jace's phone. It's not a phone at all, though. He tells her it's a sensor, but not what it senses. Some help he is.
  • Whatever. Clary's got bigger fish to fry, so she races home to see what happened to her mother, sensor in hand.