Study Guide

City of Bones Chapter 6

By Cassandra Clare

Chapter 6


  • With Hodge's permission, Clary and Jace return to Clary's apartment to search it for clues about her mom's whereabouts.
  • The apartment is empty. Everything is gone—the furniture, their decorations, her mother's paintings—as though they had just moved out or something.
  • Just as they're about to search Clary's room, they get ambushed by a giant troll-like creature.
  • Jace kills it after a fight that leaves Clary winded and Jace's arm broken.
  • It just takes a quick scribble of a healing rune on Jace's arm with his stele to fix the broken bone. Hey, where can Shmoop get one of those?
  • Clary finds out that the creature wasn't a demon; it was a Forsaken. That's an ordinary human who has had one too many runes carved into him, making him deformed and crazy. So remember that, Shmoopers, when you're on your fourth barbed wire tattoo.
  • After he's explained everything to Clary, Jace decides to head back upstairs to see if there are more foes afoot.
  • But he's stopped by Madame Dorothea, Clary's psychic neighbor. She eerily knows a lot more than we expected her to, like about the Clave, the Covenant, and the Forsaken. Looks like she's not just some hack psychic after all.
  • Clary learns two things from Madame Dorothea: Jace's last name (the totally non-heroic sounding Wayland) and that her mother might still be alive.
  • Hey, that's something.