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Mr. Hickman in Clarissa

By Samuel Richardson

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Mr. Hickman

Let's Hear It for the Good Guys

Mr. Hickman is just the nicest. Does that make him sound too bland? That's because he is. In comparison to Lovelace, Hickman could use just a little somethin'-somethin'. He's a good guy to the core, which makes him a little less than exciting in Anna's eyes.

When it comes down to it, though, less exciting is kind of a good thing. When Hickman tries to understand Lovelace's lady-killer mindset, Anna realizes he's pretty naïve: "I have often tried to find out this mighty sober man…but hitherto have only to say that he is either very moral or very cunning" (48.6).

Hickman really steps up for Clarissa by trying his darndest to foil the dastardly Lovelace. Unfortunately, the bad guy always seems to be one step ahead of the good guy in this story.

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