Study Guide

Clarissa Conclusion

By Samuel Richardson


  • Bye bye letters, hello postscript written by Belford.
  • Turns out that Mr. and Mr. Harlowe kick the bucket a few years after Clarissa's death.
  • James Harlowe marries a nasty woman. Since there was some question about whether her property was legally hers, he spent the rest of his life in and out of courts.
  • Arabella marries a nasty man who cheats on her.
  • Mowbray and Tourville, the remaining rakes of Lovelace's merry band, repent and go to live quietly in the countryside.
  • And Anna marries Hickman. Obviously, she names her kiddo Clarissa.
  • Finally, Belford gets Charlotte. Remember, that cousin of Lovelace's? Let's hope he got the real Charlotte and not the prostitute in disguise.