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Clarissa Letters 273-303

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Letters 273-303

  • Well, it couldn't be kept from Anna forever. Anna writes to Clarissa wanting to know the dealio with why she went back to Mrs. Sinclair's.
  • But it never gets to Clarissa. Lovelace intercepts the letter and doesn't let Clarissa read it.
  • Even though Clarissa doesn't give a rat's tail about whether "Captain Tomlinson" is for real, she agrees to hang at Mrs. Sinclair's until the following week. Lovelace needs to just keep the heck away from her.
  • Remember, that's when her uncle is supposed to see her tie the knot.
  • Clarissa's hoping to fly the coop once her uncle gets in. Too bad it's another scheme of Lovelace's.
  • Lovelace asks Clarissa if she still likes him better than Solmes. Clarissa is all, "Nope."
  • In this next episode of the Dorcas Files, Lovelace decides to scapegoat her in front of Clarissa.
  • He pretends to find the note that Dorcas secretly showed him and draws his sword on the poor kid.
  • Clarissa comes out of her room looking sterner than Sam the Eagle and tells him to leave her alone.
  • Lovelace tries to be all lovey-dovey and asks for Clarissa's forgiveness, but she's already terrified.
  • She threatens to kill herself with a penknife if Lovelace comes any closer. That shuts him down pretty quickly.
  • Once again, Clarissa has escaped. She took a page from Lovelace's book and disguised herself as the maid, Mabel. Way to pull the old switcheroo, Clarissa.
  • Supposedly, this is right before Lovelace is on the brink of marrying her. Sure.
  • Clarissa writes a pretty miserable letter to Anna detailing her emotional state, but she accidentally sends it straight to Mrs. Howe. This is not going to end well.
  • Mrs. Howe writes back and says "Sorry, but you're not writing to my daughter anymore." What, like Clarissa's a bad example or something? Gee whiz.
  • Clarissa tries to get her old servant Hannah to come to her aid, but Hannah says she can't do it. Come on, people!
  • As a last resort, Clarissa writes to Mrs. Norton and finds out more of Lovelace's tricky lies. Turns out her uncle was never planning on seeing her get married.
  • Ouch. Just to make sure, Clarissa writes to Lady Betty Lawrence (Lovelace's cousin) to find out if she was the one who met Clarissa in town.
  • Nope, says Betty. You got punk'd.

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