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Clarissa Letters 304-334

By Samuel Richardson

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Letters 304-334

  • Now, Clarissa's covering her bases. She writes to Mrs. Hodges to find out if she knows a Captain Tomlinson.
  • Nope, says Mrs. Hodges. At this point Clarissa wants to scream at Lovelace: "You sit upon a throne of lies!"
  • Finally, Anna figures out that her letters have been intercepted. She's totally shocked at Clarissa's horrible fate and tells her to nail that sucker in court.
  • Uh-oh, Lovelace is in trouble. His aunt and cousin are not too pleased that they were impersonated by prostitutes, and the story is starting to get out.
  • Plus, the cousins pay him a visit to really bawl him out.
  • Still, he L-O-V-E-S Clarissa. Like, he really wants to marry her now.
  • Clarissa is trying to relate the whole gruesome story to Anna via letter, but she keeps getting sick. She can barely write at this point.
  • After reading the whole story, Anna writes back. But Clarissa's vanished again!
  • Unfortunately, Clarissa's prostitute companions from Mrs. Sinclair's place have come back to bug her.
  • They have her arrested as she walks out of church one morning.
  • Apparently, Clarissa owes them money. That's a big fat lie, but we'll bet Dorcas started getting a little greedy.
  • Belford to the rescue! After Lovelace finds out, he sends his buddy over to take care of the sitch.

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