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Clarissa Letters 334-384

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Letters 334-384

  • Back at the prison, Clarissa's in a bit of a bind. Sally and Polly, the two lovely prostitutes, say they're happy to take her back to Mrs. Sinclair's.
  • Clarissa gets about as rude as Clarissa can get in turning them down. That is to say, she's not very rude.
  • When Belford appears on the scene, Clarissa's looking very pure in an all-white outfit. She thinks he's another one of Lovelace's pawns.
  • It takes some serious wheedling, but Belford finally convinces Clarissa to let him take her back to her lodgings. That is to say, not Lovelace's place.
  • Back at the ranch, Clarissa's not doing so hot. She's basically on death's door.
  • Belford hires a doctor dude named Mr. H. to come check Clarissa out, but she's a lost cause. Even though she's totally broke, Clarissa wants to pay everyone who has helped her.
  • She sells her diamond ring and some clothes to pay Mr. H., because she's just that conscientious.
  • In parallel story land, Belford visits his old friend Belton. Remember that guy? He's the one whose mistress hung him out to dry.
  • Turns out he's about to die, too. The guy can't catch a break.
  • Mr. Hickman, Anna's guy, pays a little visit to Lovelace. He somehow still thinks he can salvage this thing by making Lovelace marry Clarissa.
  • Lovelace gets all dramatic and says only Death can marry her now. Whatever you say, weirdo.
  • Belford gets Clarissa all set up in a slightly nicer lodging situation at Mrs. Smith's.
  • Clarissa's definitely preparing for death. Everyone who sees her can't help but think that she's got an angel kind of thing going on.
  • She even writes to Anna that she's ready to accept Death as her suitor.
  • Anna writes to Arabella to let her know the low-down, which is most definitely a mistake, since sis is not the warm and fuzzy type.
  • Arabella refuses to reconcile with Clarissa, even though she knows how bad things have gotten.
  • At least Clarissa is continuing to write a little bit. Belford sends Lovelace some lines she's written in order to show him that the girl's still got it.
  • In an epic showdown, Lovelace and Anna run into each other at a ball. Does Anna punch him? Does she go all samurai on his smug little face? Nope, she snaps her fan at him. You show him, girl!
  • Lovelace is still holding out hope that Clarissa might marry him. He even thinks for a second that Clarissa might be pregnant with a little Lovelace, because that would solve all of his problems.
  • Good news, everyone! Mr. Harlowe has removed his curse from Clarissa. WHEW.
  • Mrs. Norton tries to get Mrs. Harlowe to accept her daughter back, but the woman is cold-hearted.
  • Meanwhile, Clarissa is writing letters to try to gain the forgiveness of her family. It's a no-go.
  • Clarissa gets Belford to sign on as the executor of her will. She's dead serious about this dying thing. Lolllllllllll. 

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