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Clarissa Letters 385-415

By Samuel Richardson

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Letters 385-415

  • Charlotte Montague, Lovelace's other cousin, writes Clarissa to say she plans to visit. Let's hope this is the real Charlotte and not another prostitute.
  • Clarissa writes to both her uncles to make her final apologies, but they answer rudely. Meh, we never liked them anyway.
  • In a last-ditch effort to save Clarissa, a clergyman by the name of Brand comes to check her out.
  • It doesn't help. Plus, he's kind of a jerk. Like Clarissa hasn't known enough jerks in her lifetime!
  • Finally, Colonel Morden arrives in England. He was supposed to be the white knight who swept through and saved Clarissa earlier, but he didn't really deliver. Because Lovelace can't go a day without playing a trick, he pretends to his family that he's reformed.
  • In order to demonstrate his new repentance, he reads over Clarissa's meditations. Might do him some good.
  • Belford may not be the sharpest tool in the shed. He writes to Lovelace telling him he has to go away to see to the dying Belton.
  • Lovelace should not, under any circumstances, visit Clarissa while he's gone.

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