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Clarissa Letters 416-457

By Samuel Richardson

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Letters 416-457

  • Naturally, Lovelace sets out immediately to visit Clarissa.
  • Joke's on him, because Clarissa's not in her room.
  • Lovelace curses out everyone at Mrs. Smith's place and generally acts like a crazy person, just because he can.
  • It's crazy dream time for Lovelace. He dreams that Clarissa is an angel (no surprises there) who saves him from a duel with Colonel Morden.
  • Then, he falls into a bottomless pit. Fun dream!
  • Once Belton finally kicks the bucket, Belford comes back to check on Clarissa.
  • She's been doing everything possible to avoid Lovelace by hopping around to various public houses.
  • Oh, snap. Clarissa finds out that Morden plans to visit Lovelace. We can all guess where this is going.
  • Weirdly, the two guys get along. Morden writes to Clarissa telling her to marry the guy already.
  • Something tells us Morden doesn't know the whole story.
  • Clarissa is happy that Morden's trying to do the right thing, but she reminds him that she's got a date with Death.
  • Meanwhile, Lovelace thought he had Clarissa locked down. He's pretty mad that she still doesn't want to marry him.
  • Oh, Clarissa. She's such a thoughtful girl that she had a coffin ordered and delivered to her address at Mrs. Smith's.
  • She also takes some time to decorate the coffin, because that's not weird and creepy at all.
  • Clarissa's almost done with her will, and you know what that means.
  • This is Lovelace's last chance to make an impression on Clarissa, and you better believe the boy is trying.
  • The Harlowe family, on the other hand, doesn't seem to really get it. They refuse to forgive Clarissa even after Morden shows them proof that A) Lovelace will marry her and B) she's about to die.
  • Morden is still trying to work over the Harlowe family, so he writes to delay his arrival at Clarissa's place.
  • It might be too late, though. Clarissa is pretty close to end-times.
  • Belford wants her to talk Lovelace into reforming before she goes, but she's way too busy dying.

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