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A Clockwork Orange Part 3, Chapter 3

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Part 3, Chapter 3

  • The police have to beat up the old guys to disentangle Alex from them.
  • But Alex recognizes the cops.
  • The older cop is Billyboy, Alex's enemy. And the younger one? None other than Dim, Alex's old droog-turned-traitor.
  • Along with Rex (the third cop who's driving the patrol car), Billyboy and Dim force Alex into the backseat.
  • Alex can't help but wonder whether it's all just a joke.
  • Alex asks about Pete and says he feels sorry about Georgie. Dim teases Alex, pretending to forget who Pete is.
  • They drive into the country.
  • Alex freaks out. What's going on? He's been punished where punishment was due. He's been cured. Hasn't anyone read the papers?
  • Dim punches Alex right in the nose. Blood drips out.
  • They're in the country now, alright. Everything's quiet.
  • Rex sits at the wheel of the patrol car, smoking a cancer and reading a book while Billyboy and Dim beat Alex to a bloody pulp.
  • Finally, the three cops drive away, leaving Alex lying there in the snow.
  • The rain starts. Alex gets up and begins walking.

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