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A Clockwork Orange Part 3, Chapter 6

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Part 3, Chapter 6

  • Alex jumps and falls hard on the sidewalk.
  • He feels multiple bones in his body fracture.
  • Before he passes out, it becomes clear to him that F. Alexander and his associates are trying to force his suicide to suit their own political agenda against the Government.
  • After a long, black gap of perhaps a million years in the hospital, Alex comes to not knowing who he is or why he's totally bandaged up. He can't feel anything.
  • The nurse hails white coats, who arrive with the prison chaplain; he tells Alex that he's quit the Staja and is now doing sermons.
  • Alex drifts in and out of consciousness for a while.
  • He comes to with Z. Dolin, Rubinstein, and D. B. da Silva there, calling him "friend" and saying how well he has served "Liberty."
  • Alex protests this, but it doesn't work because his mouth is bandaged up.
  • F. Alexander's entourage shows Alex various headlines from the papers bearing a "Down with the Government" message. This excites Alex (in a bad way), and the nurse has to shoo out the entourage.
  • Alex falls into a dream, during which he's doing ultraviolent stuff like in the olden days. A little bit of smashing into a parked auto, a bit of raping young girls, this and that.
  • He wakes up to find his parents by his bed. His father tells him that Joe has left the flat, and that Alex should come home. His mother just sobs.
  • Alex orders them out of his room with a lot of violent profanity.
  • He realizes that he can think violent thoughts and not get sick.
  • He asks the nurse how long he's been there.
  • A week or so.
  • Alex asks her to confirm that Ludovico's Technique has been reversed.
  • She says it's all for the best.
  • A couple of days later, a pair of doctors ask him a series of inane questions using picture books (of stupid things like eggs and peacocks) and what not. They further confirm for Alex that he's been cured of Ludovico's Technique by doctors who used "deep hypnopaedia" on him. (We think that means hypnosis.)
  • More time passes and Alex gets a lot better. At 2:30pm one day, he receives a special visit from the Minister of the Interior, dressed in the heighth of fashion, of course, and followed by a dozen of journalists and photographers.
  • The minister calls Alex a friend, but Alex calls him an enemy.
  • The two converse cryptically for a while.
  • The Minister now tells Alex that he's been cured, after all, and that a high-paying job is lined up for him when he checks out. He also reminds Alex that it was the Government that ultimately put away the crazy lunatic, F. Alexander, that wants his life.
  • Distracted by the thought, a photographer screams out, SMILE! and Alex complies.
  • A picture of the two looking like old friends is taken.
  • Now, the Minister brings in a present—a stereo.
  • Beethoven's Ninth is just a signature away, they tell him.
  • Alex signs, and the symphony that ensues is glorious.

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