Study Guide

Eva in Cloud Atlas

By David Mitchell


Forbidden Fruit

The daughter of Ayrs and Jocasta, Eva is, as Frobisher observes, "the crowning glory of six centuries' breeding" (2.2.9). This is a pretty apt description, seeing how Ayrs and Jocasta view people as property anyway. They may as well consider their daughter to be a prize horse.

Although Frobisher dislikes Eva at first, getting into vicious French-language spats with her saying "her hobbies are pouting and looking martyred" (2.3.17), he eventually realizes that he's in love with her. Unfortunately, due to a misunderstanding of Three's Company proportions (but without the humor), Frobisher mistakenly believes that Eva is in love with him, too.

Eva reveals something about Frobisher to us. Frobisher says: "the devious vixen is almost a female Me" (2.5.9). Later, he reveals, "I've never loved anyone except myself" (2.9.3). No wonder he loves her so much; she has all the same qualities he does—boyish good looks, killer wit, and a feisty personality. Shame it didn't work out.