Study Guide

Johns Hotchkiss in Cloud Atlas

By David Mitchell

Johns Hotchkiss

An Eye for an Eye...

Johns Hotchkiss is a horrible son, and he's Timothy Cavendish's ticket out of Aurora House. This guy only visits his dementia-addled mother because he wants to know where she buried all the family's valuable gemstones. She either doesn't remember, or isn't telling him. We wouldn't tell him, either.

The good news is that he leaves his keys in his Range Rover, providing Cavendish, Ernie, and Veronica the perfect getaway vehicle. They don't get too far, since they're cornered by Hotchkiss and Withers in a bar not too far away from Aurora House. But when a barroom brawl breaks out, and Hotchkiss starts throwing racial slurs (in case his character weren't despicable enough already), he gets a tooth knocked out. We don't advocate violence, but we have to admit we wouldn't be too upset if he lost a few more.