Study Guide

Wing-027 in Cloud Atlas

By David Mitchell


Wing Man

Wing-027 is another example of how poorly fabricants are treated in Nea So Copros. Described as "a pylonic man, over three meters tall and dressed in an orange zip suit" (5.1.149), Wing-027 doesn't sell used cars; he's a disaster man. He can operate in conditions where purebloods cannot, like in nuclear waste sites.

He helps Sonmi acquire more and more knowledge by giving her a device with access to every book ever written. He wants her to be prepared: "The day when all Nea So Copros is deadlanded, he told me, will be the day fabricants become the new purebloods" (5.1.155).

Wing-027 doesn't live to see that day. He's fried in a freak accident. Although it's an accident, and he's not murdered like Yoona-939, it still illustrates how disposable these people are.