Study Guide

Zedelghem Servants in Cloud Atlas

By David Mitchell

Zedelghem Servants

Upstairs, Downstairs

Zedelghem is like a Belgian Downton Abbey, but with only the upstairs scenes. The servants—Hendrick and Mrs. Willems, among others—never get a line of direct dialog. They're seen but not heard. Even though Frobisher is just as penniless—or even more penniless—than the servants when he arrives at Zedelghem, he still never deigns to stoop to their level and speak to them.

It's too bad we never get their side of the story. As Frobisher says, "there are no secrets to those who strip the sheets" (2.6.3), and we'd love to hear their opinion on the turbulent soap opera that is Zedelghem Chateau.