Study Guide

Code Name Verity Part 1, Chapter 12

By Elizabeth Wein

Part 1, Chapter 12

Ormaie 24.XI.43 JB-S

  • Von Linden is both shocked and excited to discover that the narrator is Eva Seiler—this could mean a big promotion for him.
  • He keeps stopping by at night to discuss German literature with the narrator; apparently he really misses teaching. We don't blame him, given his current situation.
  • He wants proof that the narrator is Eva Seiler, and she proves it by getting him to tell her his daughter's name.
  • Now the narrator returns to the story of that night in October when Maddie dropped her in France.
  • The sergeant tries to give Maddie a revolver, which she refuses, so he gives her a new kind of pen instead—an Eterpen that comes with its own ink and dries quickly. It's good for marking maps in the air.
  • Turns out Maddie is better with firearms than she lets on—Jamie took her shooting on her second and third trips to Craig Castle.
  • Maddie and Queenie get ready for takeoff. In the air, Maddie tells Queenie she's not taking everything seriously enough.
  • Maddie's worried because of flashes of light in the clouds.
  • Queenie falls asleep in the back of the plane, but she wakes up when the tail is hit and Maddie plunges into a dive to try to put out the fire.
  • They manage to find the landing site, but Maddie tells Queenie to prepare to parachute out because the landing will be rough. Read: possibly more of a crash than a landing.
  • Maddie wants to drop Queenie by parachute and try to fly home without landing in France at all.
  • Queenie flashes an answer in Morse code to the landing site so they'll know who she is when she jumps.

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