Study Guide

Code Name Verity Part 1, Chapter 13

By Elizabeth Wein

Part 1, Chapter 13

Ormaie 25.XI.43 JB-S

  • Von Linden and the narrator have a fight, and von Linden orders her mouth scrubbed out with carbolic acid.
  • The fight starts when the narrator can't listen to the tortured French girl scream anymore.
  • She yells at the French girl to lie to her captors, to give them anything, and the French girl asks if that's what she does.
  • Von Linden (who is no dummy, despite being a Nazi) tells her to answer the question. It's a trap.
  • So instead she starts taunting him about his daughter, Isolde, and he orders her mouth scrubbed out, but he won't do it himself.
  • The carbolic acid hasn't happened yet, though, and the pen and paper are there for her the next morning as usual.
  • The narrator returns to the story of the drop. Maddie still can't get the plane down, so she tells Queenie she'll take her up to three thousand feet and let her parachute out.
  • The narrator writes about the French girl's execution.
  • There is a guillotine in the courtyard, and the narrator and the French girl are taken out to it.
  • The narrator tells the French girl her name, and as she's strapped to the guillotine, the French girl tells the narrator that her name is Marie.
  • It's now right after Marie's execution. Von Linden has given the narrator fifteen minutes to write about it, and he's watching her himself this time.
  • He orders her to finish the story of her arrival in France.
  • Queenie asks Maddie to tell her when to jump.
  • Maddie's going to try to land, but not until her passenger is out because of the danger of crashing.
  • Queenie says, "Kiss me, Hardy," and Maddie kisses Queenie's hand, which has been on her shoulder since they were hit.
  • Then Queenie jumps out and Maddie is alone.

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