Study Guide

Code Name Verity Part 1, Chapter 14

By Elizabeth Wein

Part 1, Chapter 14

 Ormaie 28.XI.43 JB-S

  • The narrator begins this section by talking about the Skye terrier Mary, Queen of Scots carried with her to her execution.
  • She says she has been allowed to spend the past three days reading over all her work and checking it—von Linden is a schoolmaster to the end.
  • She realizes she has not once written her own name on anything, so she writes it twice, once with and once without the title: Lady Julia Lindsay MacKenzie Wallace Beaufort-Stuart.
  • Now we know what the "JB-S" stands for.
  • She says she always thinks of herself as Julie, not as Lady Julia or any of her other aliases, and this is what the people she loves call her.
  • She thinks of the execution of Edith Cavell and the last words of Admiral Nelson, "Kiss me, Hardy."
  • The last part of this section is a note to von Linden from his superiors, ordering him to send Flight Officer Beaufort-Stuart directly to Natzweiler-Struthof to be executed by lethal injection if she survives the six-week experimentation period.
  • There is the suggestion that von Linden has been too lenient already.

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