Study Guide

Code Name Verity Part 1, Chapter 7

By Elizabeth Wein

Part 1, Chapter 7

Ormaie, 18.XI.43 JB-S

  • The narrator is secretly writing when she's supposed to be translating because she's gotten ahead of Engel in her translations.
  • Engel has been talking a lot and has let slip that if the narrator is lucky, she'll be sent to Ravensbrück, a concentration camp where prisoners move rubble until they can't work, at which point they are hanged.
  • If she's not lucky, Engel says, she'll be sent to Natzwieler-Struthof, a special concentration camp for Nacht und Nebel prisoners, where they vanish. Mostly men are sent here, but some women are sent for live medical experiments.
  • The narrator has worked out for herself that if she is very lucky, she will somehow get herself shot first.
  • She updates her list of ten things she's afraid of. She's changed fear of the dark to fear of being cold and fear of the college porter to fear of von Linden.
  • Also, she can't believe she was ever afraid of getting old—it looks fairly unlikely that that's something she'll have to face.
  • The narrator has been taken to see von Linden's cushy office so she can pretend to the American radio interviewer that she does all her translating work there.
  • Tied to a steel table with Thibaut on guard, the narrator decides to write a story about Maddie's visit to Scotland.
  • Maddie and the narrator were never in Scotland together, and it's not clear this story ever happened at all, and the narrator might very well be making it up.
  • Either way, it takes place in November 1941.
  • Maddie gets stuck near Aberdeen after delivering a plane and isn't sure where to stay.
  • After a few false starts, she ends up near Craig Castle, the narrator's ancestral childhood home.
  • The narrator pauses to say that because she is very upper-crust and Maddie is very much not, they would never have met without the war, and their meeting was unlikely even with a war on.
  • At the castle, Maddie finds the narrator's brother Jamie, minus all his toes and four fingers but otherwise recovered from his dip in the North Sea, alone with the Castle Craig Irregulars, eight working-class war evacuees.
  • Maddie helps Jamie get the boys to bed, and then they sit in the small library and talk about flying.
  • Maddie tells Jamie he might have a chance of flying again as a Special Duties pilot, and advises him to talk to his commanding officer about it.
  • Later, Maddie sleeps in the narrator's bedroom, leaving the window open even though it's cold, in case the narrator come flying back unexpectedly, like the children in Peter Pan.

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