Study Guide

Code Name Verity Part 1, Chapter 8

By Elizabeth Wein

Part 1, Chapter 8

Ormaie 20.XI.43 JB-S

  • In this chapter, the narrator relates the story of her interview with the American Nazi sympathizer journalist, Georgia Penn.
  • The narrator has been cleaned up and given back her blouse and scarf for the interview, but Penn still doesn't think she looks well.
  • With Engel and von Linden looking on, the interview begins.
  • Georgia Penn asks for the truth, and the narrator says she will give it to her, and then proceeds to lie through her teeth about her treatment because she wants the extra week to write that all that lying will buy her.
  • The journalist asks if the narrator knows that the place has been nicknamed the Chateau des Bourreaux—the Castle of Butchers.
  • After the interview, von Linden asks the narrator if she's read Goethe.
  • The narrator has discovered that von Linden was the headmaster of a boys' school before the war, and has a daughter slightly younger than her.

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