Study Guide

Code Name Verity Part 1, Chapter 9

By Elizabeth Wein

Part 1, Chapter 9

Ormaie 21.XI.43 JB-S

  • The narrator is now writing on sheet music for flute and piano.

The narrator titles the next section "Wartime Administrative Formalities."

  • The narrator picks up the thread of Maddie's story in the summer of 1942, when the SOE starts grooming Maddie—though Maddie didn't know it at the time.
  • Maddie is being trained to fly at night and to fly while people parachute out—twice the narrator does a practice jump from Maddie's plane, but they aren't allowed to speak to each other.
  • After a rough landing at an RAF Special Duties Airfield, Maddie is asked to meet with someone.
  • It turns out to be the same English intelligence officer—the Bloody Machiavellian English Intelligence Officer playing God—who recruited the narrator. Maddie is told she'll be doing air taxi work: picking up and dropping off in secret, at night, and so on.
  • After Maddie agreed, the BMEIOPG (as we like to call him for short) tells her to tell her co-pilot he'd merely found her clothing ration coupons—and then he produces her clothing ration coupons, which freaks Maddie out.
  • The narrator has to stop here because she's crying so hard.

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