Study Guide

Code Name Verity Part 2, Chapter 18

By Elizabeth Wein

Part 2, Chapter 18

  • Maddie says things continued after that.
  • Another woman is put in Julie's place and screams at them that they are just getting everyone killed.
  • The resistance workers run, and there's a firefight between Paul's people and the Germans—Paul and about half the Resistance workers are mowed down.
  • Maddie and the others make it back to the rowboats. Mitraillette takes the gun from Maddie's hands and asks if that was Verity.
  • Mitraillette, who is Paul's second-in-command, gets the five escaped prisoners and seven Resistance workers back to Damask's house, where they make everything look like it hasn't been touched in years.
  • A Nazi search party comes calling, so they hide for an hour in the rushes along the riverbank, until the groundskeeper comes back to give them the all clear, and they all divide up.
  • Mitraillette and Maddie end up sleeping in the stables with several escaped prisoners.
  • Maddie gets into a conversation with one of the prisoners, who accuses Julie of being a collaborator and says no one would have helped her eat and drink.
  • Maddie goes into a rage at this and attacks him, so Mitraillette knocks her out with drugged coffee.
  • When Maddie wakes, the chauffeur takes her up to the villa, where Damask has drawn her a bath.
  • After Maddie bathes, Damask makes her supper, but Maddie can't eat it and sobs in Damask's arms for an hour.
  • Before she leaves, Damask tells her that they have their burden in common.
  • As Maddie leaves the next day, she notices the rose gardens around the villa.
  • Maddie, Mitraillette, and Papa Thibaut's friend who owns the car are driven back to the farm by Damask's chauffeur.
  • Maddie knows the bodies are still lying where they fell and can't bear to think of Julie like that.
  • She is going to drink more of the drug and try to sleep.
  • When she wakes up she plans to look through the papers Engel delivered, which arrived in a bag of underclothes with Käthe Habicht's name on them.

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