Study Guide

Code Name Verity Part 2, Chapter 2

By Elizabeth Wein

Part 2, Chapter 2

  • It's October 14, and Maddie is still hiding out in the barn, where she's learning to fire a Colt .32 revolver.
  • She doesn't mind shooting except that Paul gets a little touchy-feely while he's teaching her. Mitraillette, who is one of the daughters of the family that owns the farm, says he does that to all the women. Ick.
  • The explosives are hidden under hay in the old wooden barn, which is not exactly standard fire safety procedure, so Maddie tries not to think about it.
  • Maddie has heard that Julie, whom she is trying her best to remember to call Verity, has made contact with the right people and started her mission, which is to gain access to the building records of the Chateau de Bordeaux, where the Ormaie Gestapo is based, and blow it up.
  • Maddie has also learned that this SOE group is called Damask after their oldest member, an eighty-three-year-old rose grower.
  • Everyone is trying to figure out how to get Verity's identity papers to her so she can get into City Hall and gain access to the building records.
  • It turns out that Käthe Habicht, Julie's intended false identity, means Kitty Hawk in German, which Maddie thinks is sweet but probably stupid.

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