Study Guide

Code Name Verity Part 2, Chapter 25

By Elizabeth Wein

Part 2, Chapter 25

  • Maddie is back in England and is being held under lock and key in her room at the SOE headquarters.
  • She doesn't know what's going to happen, court-martial or trial and execution for Julie's murder, but she doesn't care because she feels safe and knows nothing the British will do to her can be as bad as what the Nazis would have done

Maddie titles the next section "Incident Report No. 2."

  • Here, Maddie describes the sabotage of the Ormaie Gestapo.
  • While the RAF creates a diversion overhead and all the Nazis are hiding out in the air raid shelters, the Ormaie Resistance frees all the prisoners in the Chateau de Bordeaux and sets a bomb to go off.
  • Maddie decides to free the person held in Julie's cell, but the stench of the place nearly makes her sick.
  • A Jamaican rear gunner with the RAF is held in Julie's cell.
  • After they escape the building, he and Maddie head back to the Thibaut farm, where they hide out together in the barn until they are scheduled to meet the plane that will come to take them back to England.
  • Maddie returns to Damask's house to meet the car that will take her to the airfield.
  • Damask walks Maddie through her rose garden and tells her they were at last allowed to bury the bodies.
  • She didn't want to bury the girls in a pile with the men, so she wrapped them in her and her sister's First Communion veils and buried them in the rose garden. She clipped every rose remaining in the garden and piled them on the graves.
  • Maddie realizes that Damask is Julie's great-aunt, and Julie is buried in her grandmother's First Communion veil.
  • She doesn't think the great-aunt knows it is Julie, though, and can't bear to tell her.
  • The plane manages to land on the field this time, and the pick-up goes off without a hitch.
  • Maddie realizes the pilot is Jamie. He tells her to switch seats with him and fly herself home, and as she does, she tells him she shot Julie and why.
  • Jamie tells her she'll definitely have to fly now because he can't after hearing that.
  • As she flies them back to England, Jamie puts his hand on her shoulder and leaves it there the whole time, just as Julie did on the way to France, and she finally feels less alone.

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