Study Guide

Code Name Verity Part 2, Chapter 3

By Elizabeth Wein

Part 2, Chapter 3

  • It's October 21, 1943, ten days since Julie and Maddie arrived in France.
  • Maddie is still hiding out in the barn, and she's heard that another SOE pilot crashed on October 18, so she's no longer the only one in the area.
  • The SOE in Britain will have to send a larger plane to get her, the other SOE pilot, and the two refugees she was supposed to bring back on her trip, but the weather is so bad they can't do it.
  • Most of this chapter is a list of Maddie's Top Ten Fears, which, like Julie's, have changed since she landed in France.
  • She's now more afraid of fire than of cold, and has added the Nazi concentration camps to the list.
  • In addition to bombs falling on her grandparents, she's afraid of bombs falling on Jamie.
  • She's also really afraid of Paul, whom she warned off with his own gun when he came up to her loft to try to get a little action—she realizes that if anyone tries to rape her, she'll have to let it happen because she can't risk screaming. Which is a terrible thing to realize.
  • What's worse, Julie has disappeared and there's been no contact with her for a week.
  • Maddie's greatest fear is that Julie is being held prisoner by the Ormaie Gestapo.

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