Study Guide

Code Name Verity Part 2, Chapter 4

By Elizabeth Wein

Part 2, Chapter 4

  • Maddie has been hiding out on the farm for over two weeks, and they still haven't heard from Julie.
  • Maddie needs to remember to call her Verity.
  • The new plan is for a photographer to take Maddie's picture so they can turn Käthe Habicht's identity card into one for her. Maddie will pretend to be the farm family's somewhat dim cousin from Alsace, which they hope will explain why she doesn't talk much and can't speak French or German well.
  • The photographer also works for the Gestapo; he's taken photographs of the ruined plane and the eleven radio sets in the back.
  • They've heard rumors that the Ormaie Gestapo captured an English airman, and they're afraid it might be Julie.
  • Maddie asks the photographer to hold back the shots of the crash as long as possible, but to give the Gestapo the images of the wireless sets. She knows the crash pictures will upset Julie, but the wireless sets will give her something to work with: they are dummies planted to make the mission look like just another drop-off of wireless operators, but Julie can make up code to go with them and feed it to the Nazis all day long.
  • Mind-blowing Revelation #2: those eleven sets of code Julie was fretting over giving her captors at the beginning of the book? She made every bit of it up. She told us she was good at pretending.
  • The photographer brings Maddie some warm trousers of his wife's. She's so grateful she cries, and Paul makes some sexual harassment jokes about them because he's kind of horrible like that.
  • She hates Paul so much she would love to kill him with his own gun. We confess we wouldn't shed too many tears over him.

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