Study Guide

Code Name Verity Part 2, Chapter 6

By Elizabeth Wein

Part 2, Chapter 6

  • In this section, Maddie writes about her unsuccessful attempt to get out of Dodge (read: France) on November 7, 1943.
  • After a fifty-kilometer ride in the trunk of a sputtering old car with a bunch of chickens, Maddie arrives at the rendezvous point.
  • Papa Thibaut, AmĂ©lie, Mitraillette, and Paul ride in the car, for various decoy reasons. They don't have to ride in the trunk.
  • At the rendezvous point, they have to wait a couple of hours for the plane that's supposed to be picking up Maddie, a hunted wireless operator, and the other SOE pilot.
  • They spend the time laying out a makeshift runway.
  • The other pilot turns out to be Jamie Beaufort-Stuart, with whom Maddie gets quite cozy to the tune of a gigantic kiss, an arm around her waist, and a shoulder to cry on. All for undercover spy reasons, of course, though it doesn't look like either of them really minds it, and we have our own suspicions about that relationship.
  • Jamie and Maddie manage to have a private conversation about Verity's whereabouts, in which Maddie tells him they have Georgia Penn on the case.
  • Mind-blowing Revelation #3: Georgia Penn gets paid by the Nazis and hosts a propaganda radio program for them, which we already knew. However, she also is one of the best people in Europe for walking into prison camps and other awful places and finding people, and right now she's looking for Verity. The interview thing is a cover.
  • The plane arrives and can't land because of a crosswind, which means Maddie, Jamie, and the wireless operator are still stuck in France, and they all have to head back to their hiding places.
  • Before they leave, Jamie advises Paul to let Maddie help identify good landing sites and work on engines.
  • Paul asks if she'd be willing to try working on explosives, and Maddie agrees.
  • Then Paul, because he's pretty awful, makes another sex joke about Maddie to Jamie, who heartily threatens him in return.
  • They forget about that because a Nazi plane flies over and they all have to take cover.
  • As they drive back to their hiding spots, Maddie and the wireless operator ride outside the car so they can jump and run if they get stopped.
  • The wireless operator tells Maddie that Damask is a good circuit and Paul is a good organizer, despite his grossness.
  • Maddie worries about the wireless operator and hopes she makes it out of France.

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