Study Guide

Code Name Verity Part 2, Chapter 7

By Elizabeth Wein

Part 2, Chapter 7

  • Maddie is now living with the Thibauts as Katherina Habicht, Maman Thibaut's cousin's daughter from Alsace.
  • She's staying in Etienne's old room and has begun using one of his childhood notebooks to write in.
  • One day, as she and Amélie and Mitraillette are out on their bicycles looking for possible landing sites, they run into Etienne.
  • Mitraillette does a good job of lying to him, and he buys the story about a distant cousin.
  • He and Amélie get into a fight, and because he's a jerk, Etienne starts telling his little sister what they do to prisoners who don't cooperate.
  • Maddie doesn't understand any of this conversation until the Thibaut sisters relay it to her later, and then she's really upset because she knows if Julie isn't dead, she's a prisoner of the Gestapo, and it's Maddie's job to find her.

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