Study Guide

Code Name Verity Perseverance

By Elizabeth Wein


Perseverance: hanging in, hanging on, getting the job done. It's a useful quality to have in war, and in life. In Code Name Verity, Julie has a mission to complete, Maddie has a friend to save, and both of them are determined to accomplish their goals no matter what the odds or what the cost.

The theme of perseverance shows up both as endurance and as determination, as Julie and Maddie endure terrible conditions in occupied France, determined to finish their jobs. Maddie and Julie aren't the only ones demonstrating perseverance, though. How do other characters, like Jamie, the members of Damask circuit, Lady Beaufort-Stuart, and even the Gestapo officers, show their willingness to see things through? This is one dedicated cast of characters, that's for sure.

Questions About Perseverance

  1. To what extent does the SOE consider qualities like endurance and determination when recruiting operatives?
  2. How do Julie, Maddie, and other characters demonstrate the quality of perseverance?
  3. In the novel, is perseverance ever shown to be a negative quality?
  4. Is perseverance seen as something a character has or doesn't have, or can it be learned?

Chew on This

In Code Name Verity, Julie demonstrates perseverance through her endurance of torture and her determination to complete her story.

In Code Name Verity, Maddie demonstrates perseverance by completing Julie's mission.

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