Study Guide

Cold Mountain Chapter 17

By Charles Frazier

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Chapter 17

Black Bark in Winter

  • The boy from Georgia hears what happens to Stobrod and Pangle, but escapes. He comes to tell Ada and Ruby, since Stobrod had once mentioned where they lived.
  • Ada and Ruby give him food and good directions on getting back to Georgia, which should only take him about two weeks if he follows their suggestions.
  • Then Ada and Ruby head out to bury Stobrod and Pangle. It's cold, so they wear some trousers of Monroe's.
  • When they get to the place, they only find Pangle. They bury him.
  • Then they realize Stobrod is a little ways away, terribly wounded but not dead. They start taking care of him, and realize they can't get him home in his current condition.
  • Ruby takes them to an abandoned village, which used to belong to Native Americans, who were forcibly relocated on the Trail of Tears.
  • They put Stobrod in one of the houses and make dinner. There's already snow, and they can tell more snow is coming.
  • This is a pretty grim chapter. It's nice that Stobrod survived, but everything else is looking pretty bad.

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