Study Guide

The Color Purple Letter Eight

By Alice Walker

Letter Eight

  • Celie decides that when she marries Mr.__, then Nettie can come to her place and they can find a way to run away together.
  • Nettie and Celie study Nettie’s schoolbooks in order to be smart enough to make a plan to run away.
  • Celie remembers how she had to leave school during her first pregnancy. Pa took her out of school even though she loved it. He said Nettie was the smart one, not Celie.
  • Back when Celie had to leave school, Nettie convinced the school teacher to come over and tell Pa that Celie was smart and should be in school. When Miss Beasley, the teacher, saw that Celie was pregnant, though, she didn’t try hard to get Celie back in school.
  • Celie believes her father’s lies that she’s stupid, even though Nettie tries to convince Celie that she’s smart.
  • After a while, Mr.__ comes by the house again. The lady that was taking care of his kids quit, so he wants to take another look at Celie.
  • Pa makes Celie turn around so Mr.__ can see her.
  • Mr.__ asks if he can still have the cow, too. Pa says yes, so that settles it.