Study Guide

The Color Purple Letter Eighty-Eight

By Alice Walker

Letter Eighty-Eight

  • A letter from Nettie.
  • Adam and Tashi return from the mbeles camp, bickering about getting married. Tashi is worried that she won’t be accepted in America.
  • In a family discussion, Tashi gives her reasons why she won’t marry Adam: 1) African-Americans don’t seem to like black women with really dark skin like Tashi has, and 2) she’s worried that Adam will fall for a light-skinned black woman once he returns to the U.S.
  • Adam apologizes for being so angry at Tashi for undergoing scarification. To prove it, the next day he shows up with his own scars (or at least cuts on his face that will turn into scars).
  • Samuel marries Tashi and Adam and the newlyweds are extremely happy.
  • Directly after the wedding, Samuel, Nettie, Olivia, Adam, and Tashi leave for their long trip to America.