Study Guide

The Color Purple Letter Eleven

By Alice Walker

Letter Eleven

  • Nettie runs away from home because Pa won’t stay away from her. She moves in with Celie and Mr.__.
  • Nettie keeps studying and tries to teach Celie what she learns. Celie desperately hopes Nettie won’t end up married to a man like Mr.__ or working in a white woman’s kitchen.
  • Mr.__’s children are obnoxious to Celie and Mr.__ does nothing to help discipline them.
  • Nettie tells Celie she needs to fight the kids and take the upper-hand, but Celie doesn’t think she can fight.
  • Mr.__ still has the hots for Nettie and constantly compliments her, but Nettie refuses to respond.
  • Mr.__ kicks Nettie out when she won’t sleep with him.
  • Nettie feels bad about leaving Celie all alone, but Celie says that at least she has God.
  • Nettie promises to write to Celie—death won’t keep me from it, she says—but she never writes.