Study Guide

The Color Purple Letter Forty-One

By Alice Walker

Letter Forty-One

  • The warden recognizes the Hodges in Squeak, but he doesn’t approve.
  • Squeak tells the warden about how Sofia is happy in jail because doing laundry is just like she always does at home with her six children; it’s not much of a punishment.
  • Warden Hodges asks Squeak who her parents are. She says she has no father. The warden, however, recognizes her.
  • He beats Squeak up and then rapes her. He tells her that proves he isn’t her uncle—why would he rape her if she were his niece? (Maybe because he’s a huge jerk.)
  • When she gets home and relates the incident, she also tells Harpo to stop calling her "Squeak" because her name is Mary Agnes.