Study Guide

The Color Purple Letter Forty-Seven

By Alice Walker

Letter Forty-Seven

  • While Mr.__ and Grady are out on a drive, Celie finally tells Shug that her children’s daddy was her own Pa. Pa had lied to her Mama, saying that Celie had a boyfriend.
  • In response, Shug puts her arms around Celie. Celie cries and cries and cries in Shug’s arms.
  • Crying, Celie sums up her life: "My mama die […]. My sister Nettie run away. Mr.__ come git me to take care his rotten children. He never ast me nothing bout myself. He clam on top of me and f*** and f***, even when my head bandaged. Nobody ever love me."
  • Then Shug tells Celie, "I love you." She kisses Celie on the mouth. Then she kisses Celie on the breast.
  • Celie reciprocates.