Study Guide

The Color Purple Letter Forty-Three

By Alice Walker

Letter Forty-Three

  • Sofia gets out of jail after all.
  • Sofia says she doesn’t understand why they haven’t already killed "them" all off, by which she means white people.
  • She and Celie are sitting and talking while Sofia watches the mayor’s kids. She’s been released from jail to go serve a white woman—the mayor’s wife, the one that got her jailed in the first place.
  • The boy that Sofia has to watch over is a terror, and Sofia gets back at him for his poor treatment of her. The mayor’s wife is too scared of Sofia to even stand next to her.
  • The little girl, Eleanor Jane, is a sweet little thing. She seems to really love Sofia. Sofia wonders why she was born and Celie says, well, we don’t wonder that about African-Americans, do we now?