Study Guide

The Color Purple Letter Seventy-Six

By Alice Walker

Letter Seventy-Six

  • Celie describes Shug’s beautiful house. Shug has statues, a fountain, and lots of decorations with elephants and turtles all over them (weird).
  • Apparently, Shug would like a round house if she could have one. She has to settle for a round bed.
  • Shug turns out to be a really good cook. Together, she and Celie feast and drink sweet wine and beer.
  • After eating, Shug and Celie go into Shug’s room and snuggle up or read a newspaper.
  • From the newspapers that Shug reads aloud, Celie starts to learn more about the wider world. Shug thinks most people out there are crazy.
  • Shug heads back to work and is off on the road again, singing.
  • Squeak is going around and singing at various clubs lately.
  • Celie spend her time making pants. She loves pants now and can’t get enough of them.
  • Celie makes pants for everybody—Shug, Squeak, Odessa, and her husband… She makes them special for each person with a goal of making them functional and comfortable.
  • Shug creates a business plan for her "sugar." Everybody loves Celie’s pants and it looks like she’s got herself a business.
  • Celie is making a pair of pants that Nettie can use in Africa.