Study Guide

The Color Purple Letter Thirty-Seven

By Alice Walker

Letter Thirty-Seven

  • Harpo is sulking around lately, and Squeak comes to Celie to ask what’s wrong with him
  • Celie tells her that Sofia is in jail for sassing the mayor’s wife.
  • Celie asks Squeak what her real name is. Turns out to be Mary Agnes. Celie tells Mary Agnes that Harpo should call her by her real name.
  • Celie tells Squeak what happened to Sofia:
  • Sofia is driving around with her children and Buster. The mayor’s wife happens by and starts fawning over Sofia’s children. The woman tells Sofia that her children are so clean and maybe Sofia would like to work for her. To which Sofia responds, "Hell no." The mayor gets angry and slaps Sofia, and "You know what happen if somebody slap Sofia."
  • Mr.__ tells Squeak that the police beat Sofia up really badly.
  • Mr.__ goes to the Sheriff to ask if he and Celie can see Sofia.
  • Celie visits Sofia and cleans her up. She’s barely alive, the police beat her up so badly.