Study Guide

The Color Purple Letter Thirty-Six

By Alice Walker

Letter Thirty-Six

  • Sofia comes to Harpo’s—with a man! Sofia introduces her new man—who’s as big as a prizefighter—as Buster.
  • Sofia asks Mr.__ where his other children are at. Apparently, both of his daughters got pregnant and left. His other son is in and out of jail.
  • Celie tells Sofia that she looks great. Sofia lets Celie know that she’s had another child, too—and that child isn’t Harpo’s.
  • Shug comes over to say hi to Sofia. Shug is looking pretty darn hot, which all of the men in the audience and Celie take notice of.
  • Harpo comes over to ask Sofia what she’s there for and she tells him that he has a nice jukejoint.
  • Even though Harpo stopped eating massive amounts, he’s fat now from all of the beer he’s been drinking.
  • Harpo’s girlfriend, Squeak, gets jealous when Sofia and Harpo dance together. Squeak tells Sofia to leave Harpo alone. Sofia has no problem with that and starts to leave, but Harpo holds her back.
  • Squeak calls Sofia a b---h and slaps her. Big mistake. Sofia slugs her in the face—knocks two of Squeak’s teeth out.
  • After a short pause, Harpo decides to comfort Squeak and Sofia leaves with Buster.