Study Guide

The Color Purple Letter Twenty-Nine

By Alice Walker

Letter Twenty-Nine

  • One night, Celie finds Harpo crying after everyone has gone to bed.
  • Harpo confides in Celie that he’s trying to get as big as Sofia so he can make her follow his orders. He wants to make his woman do what he says, like how Celie submits to Mr.__.
  • Celie tries to shake some sense into him. You love her, she says, and she loves you. I may mind your daddy, but he doesn’t love me and I don’t love him.
  • Celie also points out that the woman Mr.__ wanted to marry, Shug, definitely doesn’t let Mr.__ push her around.
  • Harpo cries more and then pukes up the massive amounts of food he’s been eating that day. Celie puts him to bed in Mr.__’s house.